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InkscapeBatch gives you a fast, easy and flexible way to convert/export Inkscape SVG files into other file formats such as PNG or EPS. You can define batch projects with steps such as group Inkscape objects, loops, arrays and much, much more...

Download the latest version of "InkscapeBatch GUI 1.4.0" and try it yourself.

Example scenario

InkscapeBatch scenario 2 screenshot.jpg


  • GUI with Wizard to helps beginners
  • Script based conversion or rather export process
  • Adapted for small thru very large image conversion projects
  • Take advantage of convenient macros for complex tasks
  • Process more than one SVG source file in a project
  • Define arrays and use iteration to reduce manual effort
  • Handles efficiently batch conversion
  • Support Inkscape version 0.47.x and 0.48.x